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NLP Usage Areas NLP Kullanım Alanları

Education – For Students
Relief from stress while preparing for exams
Fast and permanent learning
Facilitating and accelerating understanding
Removing learning barriers caused by unconscious recordings
Remembering information learned at the time of the exam

Education – For Teachers
Gaining the ability to convey the subject to students in an easy and understandable way with the 4 Learning System
Contributing to the success of students by getting to know them in the easiest and fastest way.
Facilitating subconscious learning and teaching
Influencing students unconsciously
Become more successful with modeling

Personal Development
Developing motivation, effective communication and sound decision making skills
Increasing the quality of life by providing body-mind harmony
Avoidance of harmful behavior
Getting rid of inner conflicts and making peace with oneself
Learning to say NO when necessary
Lead a stress-free life
Getting rid of addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Gaining effective communication and leadership skills
Learning Management, Sales and Marketing strategies
Building a successful team and developing team spirit
Learning Decision and Motivational strategies
Using a strategy that fits the situation
Modeling successful managers
Learning presentation techniques

social phobias
Panic attack
Problems in marriage
problems in the family

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