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What is Numerology?

The process of calculating the fate and characters of people with certain calculations by giving meaning to numbers and letters is called numerology. This process is known as abced in Turkish-Islamic culture and as numerology in Europe. Every letter and number in the universe has a meaning and they are associated with a planet. According to each person’s date of birth, name and surname, there are numbers depicted by the fateful effects of life. By finding these numbers with certain methods, it is aimed to decode the human being. 

In numerology, there is a number corresponding to each letter. Certain meanings are also attached to these numbers. By using the Pythagorean technique, you can get information about important dates in your life and their effects on your destiny by reducing your date of birth, name and surname to single digits. In the numerological system, the numbers from 1 to 9 are loaded with meanings. In addition to these numbers, he finds the numbers 11 and 22, which are called “literal numbers”. The meanings attributed to the numbers are fixed. The meaning opposite the number found at the end of the calculation draws your character and life path.

What Numerology Has Gained Us

With this system, people can have information about their destiny. Thanks to this knowledge, they can direct their future and avoid possible mistakes. To be able to do this correctly, the figures need to be found and interpreted correctly. The important thing here is your story, the question you ask and the subject you are curious about.

With numerology;

It allows you to develop your skills by understanding your weak points.
It helps you understand in which area on the life path you will have difficulties and we will be tested.
It helps you determine the right timing for important decisions.
It tells you which days you will be loaded with positive energy.
It allows you to take precautions by telling you about your negative and negative energy-laden days.
It allows you to have preliminary information about the people around you.

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