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Coaching Koçluk

History of Coaching

The origin of the coaching profession, which takes its name from sports, is also based on sports. Timothy Gallway’s book “The Inner Game of Tennis”, published in 1974, created a new approach to personal performance and this new approach; shifted the focus of performance from the physical actions of the athlete to his mental structure. Later, this philosophy began to be used to improve the performance of people in every field, rather than just to increase the performance of athletes.

The word “Coach”, an old word of French origin; It means “vehicle that carries people from one place to another”. The word “Coach”, which began to be used in a similar sense in English in the 1500s, gained its modern meaning in the 1840s. The word, which was first used for private teachers who prepared students for the exam at Oxford University, was then given to people who train sports teams with a more modern expression.

For the first time in today’s sense, Dr. Dick Borough coined the term coach in 1985 to describe his leadership style. The article titled “Sigmund Freud Against Henry Ford” published in Forbes magazine in 1988 has a remarkable importance in establishing coaching as a definition.

Benefits of Coaching
According to the researches, companies that receive coaching services have noticed that 7 times more of their investment is transformed into themselves.

According to the same research, people who receive coaching services,
90% of them experienced a positive change in terms of self-confidence,
85% showed improvement in their personal and communication skills,
82% reported improvement in business performance and business management,
81% stated that they develop in work/private life balance.

Usage Areas of Coaching
Topics that a Life Coach Can Help a Person
Making a life plan together
Noticing priorities
stress management
Establishing a private life / work life balance
Discovering all one’s talents and resources
Setting goals and achieving desired results
Eliminate communication problems
Defining your vision and mission
Situations where decision making is difficult
Improving family life and relationships
Time management
Situations where he wants to be more organized
Situations that need to be motivated and take action

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