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Sales Consulting Satış

For the effectiveness of sales, it is necessary to increase the profitability of the business by delivering the product to the customer at the right time, at the right place and at the right price, in line with the marketing analysis. A dynamic and effective sales organization has an important place in the establishment of the brand and brand image in the establishment of the competitive power of the enterprises in institutionalization, because the sales team in the enterprises consists of the first contacts with the customer, reflecting the corporate image in the face of the customer. Sales organizations that are not structured correctly and that act with day-to-day strategies cannot survive due to the increase in competition conditions and they are faced with a period of time until the closure of the enterprises after certain periods. In order to eliminate these negativities, increase the profitability of the business and walk confidently into the future, well-structured strong sales organizations should be created.


• Creating market share figures analysis
• Determination of marketing strategies
• Individual and corporate customer-oriented approach strategies
• One-to-one meetings for the compliance of the sales team
• Measurement of customer relations and satisfaction
• Customer Purchase trends and price analysis


• Making new targeting over the created market shares
• To create a more professional working environment and the deficiencies of the sales team,
1-Sales techniques training
2-Customer relationship management training
3-Customer segmentation work shop
4-Different trainings can be applied in line with the needs.
• Creating sales strategies in line with current customer trends
• Arrangement of the final report at the end of the configuration
• Optional coaching at certain times
• Increasing sales activities (fair, organization, promotion, etc.)
• Establishing an annual premium plan,

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