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What is bioenergy (bioenergy)?

Bioenergy is the electromagnetic energy found in every living thing in a scientific sense. It is the cosmic, high-frequency energy sent from the Supreme Being, the creator of the universe, to all his creations. Through this cosmic current, the Supreme Creator ensures the continuity of his creations in the realm of vision. In a sense, this is the universal life energy. Bioenergy, which can be measured physiologically, is their own energy that exists in every living thing and is of cosmic origin. The universal life energy carried to the human body through the chakras creates our bioenergy field and our energy bodies. In addition to being used to describe “a discipline” in its general sense, bioenergy is also used to describe “energy transfer studies” or “energy emanating from human beings” in this field.
Bioenergy is transmitted through energy points called chakras in our body. Bioenergy has a variable, active structure. The positive energy and universal healing energy transfer studies carried out with bioenergy are called “bioenergy sessions”.
The concept of bioenergy, as the universal life energy, has existed in different civilizations and cultures for centuries. Although the words bioenergy, bioenergy or cosmic energy are used in many countries today, this energy, which creates life, is mentioned in different terms in many periods of history. In ancient Chinese societies, life energy was often referred to as “Chinese energy”. Aboriginal Australians called it “unity energy”.

What Does Bioenergy Mean?

The term bioenergy was first coined by Prof. It has been defined by Zdenek Rejdak as “vital energy that provides the natural energy of one’s self”. Bioenergy literally means “life energy”. Bio means “life, life”. Energy, on the other hand, is defined as “the active force existing in the organism”.

Although the researches are incomplete; This energy, whose existence has been accepted by scientists, is present in every living thing. In a sense, bioenergy means life energy in the body. The concept of “life energy in the body” was first introduced by Australian Medical Doctor Wilhelm Reich.

Who Gets Bioenergy?

Every person has bioenergy, but some people are born with the ability to transfer bioenergy. Their energies are higher and in harmony with the healing energy. Whether a person is born with this ability or not can be understood by looking at the purpose of coming into the world based on the numerology of Pythagoras. However, people with this ability also have different characteristics. Nuclear physicist Dr. In the research conducted by Robert Beck, the magnetic energy emanating from the hands of the healers was measured in his studies with different healers and bioenergy specialists in various geographies. In experiments, it was observed that the energy emitted from the palms of healers during healing sessions was 7.8 Hertz. Another interesting aspect of this is that the vibrational range of 7.8 hertz is equal to the “natural rhythm of our living space” and the “alpha waves” our brain emits when it is clear. What does this mean? In other words, it is known that the natural vibration that constantly exists between the earth and the ionosphere layer is 7.8 hertz. The energy vibration transmitted in the healing sessions and the natural rhythm of the earth are the same frequency. However, the energy frequency dimension transferred to the person during bioenergy sessions coincides with the alpha dimension of our brain.

So, what is Bioenergy?

Bioenergy is universal life energy, cosmic energy.
Bioenergy is one of the basic concepts of life.
Bioenergy is a healing method.
Bioenergy is a positive and positive energy transfer method.
Bioenergy is a method of getting rid of negative energies.

Bioenergy is not superstition.
Bioenergy is not a direct treatment method for diseases.
Bioenergy is not a negative energy transfer method.

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