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Corporate NLP Kurumsal

1- Leadership with NLP Principles
Purpose of education:
Leadership is a necessary element for the success of business management. Today, the need for leaders in businesses is increasing rapidly due to reasons such as rapid change with new technologies and increasing competition.
The aim of this training is to improve management and management skills by showing company managers NLP techniques and effective leadership approaches. These types of managers are guiding, activating, unifying, motivating and impressive people and will engage in activities that increase company productivity.

What Will Participants Get?
Participants with this training; will know the differences between leader and manager very well, will comprehend NLP principles and management techniques, and will learn effective leadership approaches.

2- Selling with NLP Techniques
Sales; is to persuade the other person to have a positive experience in his mind, by influencing his thoughts and behavior, and thus to create the motivation to put our product into his life. According to this tariff; Knowing and explaining the details about the product very well is not enough to make people a sales specialist or to be successful in sales.

Each person’s perception of the world is different. But there are certain basic ways of giving meaning to and organizing what we perceive. If we want to persuade the other person, it is inevitable to understand how he perceives the world, what data he gives importance to and to communicate accordingly.

This training aims to introduce participants to themselves and other people, to be aware of how we express ourselves, and to be able to communicate in the language they understand by understanding people’s unique language. People with these skills will be happier and more successful in their jobs, as they will make the sales process more fun and practical.

3- Communication with NLP Principles
A large part of our day is spent in communication with other people. While miscommunication with people causes problems in business, social and family life, correct communication will be the key to a more successful and happier life.

With this training, the participants; With NLP Techniques, we aim to help them learn effective communication techniques, thus get rid of the stress of business and daily life, and gain the necessary motivation for a successful and happy life.

What Will Participants Get?
Participants will realize the importance of communication in every moment of our lives. They will understand what they need to do to make communication more effective. In addition, they will learn how to use gestures and facial expressions, which are one of the most basic parts of communication, at the right time and in the right setting to make communication more effective.

4- Goal and Result with NLP
Purpose of Education:
Research today shows that most people do not have a definite goal. Most individuals are desperate for their future and cannot make a career and life plan. The main way to overcome this is to increase self-awareness, to know our values and to set our goals that derive from these values and to establish action steps.

The aim of this training is to enable them to determine their values and real goals in life, by activating NLP Techniques and subconscious records, creating the internal motivation that will turn dreams into goals.

What Will Participants Get?
Participants will know how to set goals clearly, the steps to reach the goals they set and what they can do, as well as their values, and will take decisions in accordance with their values.

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