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Individual Coaching Bireysel Koçluk

Life Coaching

A Life Coach is a person who works to achieve life balance and achieve goals.

A good life coach determines the situation he is in and determines the points he wants to reach. You will have a vision that excites you and connects you to life. Most importantly, from the day you receive professional life coach support, you realize that you are striving to achieve your goals.

Who Can Get Life Coach Support:
Those who want to live life fully and satisfyingly.
Those who don’t live the life they dream of.
Those who have problems they can’t get out of.
Those who have no vision and purpose in life.
Those who have a goal but do not have enough faith and courage.
Those who have not had a positive development in their lives in the last five years.
Those who complain that the same things happen to them all the time.
Those who want to be more successful in their relationships.
Those who want to live a balanced and quality life.
Career Coaching
With career coaching, the necessary strategy for success is planned on the way to the goal you want to achieve in your business life, and you can realize your real wishes and goals in your professional life.

Successful people either do what they love or learn to love what they do. Career coaching brings this perspective that leads to success. Thanks to career coaching, it becomes easier to find ways to reach your desired goals with methods that suit your potential. In addition, people who receive career coaching will climb the career ladder faster with the strong communication and relationships they will establish in their business life.

Student Coaching
Student Coaching, at its core, includes supporting the student to raise his/her self-awareness. Student coaching or training coaching, in this sense, is a service aimed at providing educational support to students in their learning life.

In student coaching work:
– getting to know the individual,
– revealing learning methods and individual characteristics,
– ensuring effective, systematic and efficient work,
– removing the obstacles to success,
– increase self-confidence,
– ensuring harmony between educational institution, family and individual….

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