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7-14 Years

Intelligence and Attention Development

This program was created to strengthen attention, intelligence, concentration and problem-solving skills in students aged 5-14. In the program, which is carried out using original materials, most of which are brought from abroad and prepared by our expert team, students learn while having fun. This study, which makes learning enjoyable and permanent, prepares the student for school life and more importantly for the school of life.

It is aimed to gain many development factors such as prolonging the attention span of the students participating in the program, increasing the quality of attention, improving their perceptions, increasing concentration, intelligence development, completing the missing abilities and skills, and creating a sense of self-confidence and responsibility.

It has been proven by research that the education and activities carried out for the development of intelligence and attention make great contributions to the success of children in social, academic and future business life. As a result of the studies carried out to reveal the existing potential, the change and development of the students is revealed through scientific tests conducted by our expert psychologist.

The program has been organized on separate days and times for each age group; 1 day a week, 2 hours.
If requested, our studies can also be carried out one-on-one by our expert staff in line with the needs of the student.

Program Objectives:

To increase the mental capacity of students
Developing intelligence and attention skills
Prolonging attention and concentration times
Developing observation and interpretation skills
To gain reading comprehension and quick decision making skills
Preventing forgetting and providing permanent learning thanks to memory techniques
Developing effective study methods by exploring their own thinking and learning strategies
To develop the skills of focusing, managing time effectively and acting in a planned manner.
Developing effective communication and group work skills
To be able to transform the stress and anxiety they experience during exam periods into positive energy.
Increasing motivation and self-confidence
To enable them to make an important development not only academically but also socially.

Mind and Intelligence Games
By improving the brain functions of students with mind games, it is to provide more practical thinking and decision making in every part of their lives. Developing their perspectives is to support them to use their existing knowledge correctly by thinking systematically.

Educational Games Workshop
It is a training that educators, students, teachers, professional coaches and anyone interested in the subject can attend and learn by experiencing many games on different topics.

– Revitalizing the trainings
-The effect of games on learning
-Evaluation of educational games
-Dating games
-Fusion games
-Communication games
-Teamwork games
-Problem solving and different perspective games

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