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It is a coaching system that we can liberate by analyzing the underlying mental causes of depression and stress-induced physical and psychological disorders that limit our quality of life. Soul; He knows that he is a part of the Creator. Spiritual blockages are always a message. If we read it well and evaluate it correctly, the Spirit will be exalted. It rises and evolves. In other words, if we carry awareness to the spiritual dimension, we will be able to experience what we write with the pen of Destiny. By accompanying the spirits; First, purification and detox programs are made and Spiritual evolution steps are provided.

Life Coaching enables the person to reach the success, happiness, peace, health, money, in short, the desired situation and resources. While all these processes are taking place, it allows the person to make choices that are suitable not only for his worldly but also for his spiritual life purpose and which will serve his evolution. Spiritual Life Coaching training has rich content in the fields of theory and practice. In this training, you will gain the ability to manage your emotions and thoughts, to listen, to help, to arouse curiosity, to turn many seemingly negative things into benefits, thanks to intuitive and physical calibration, and you will begin to accept what is not, thankfully.

This system is based on our own values. Every human being is shaped by the choices he makes with his own free will in his own land. On the subconscious level, he looks for similarity in all past records. The transformations that these similarities will add in the material and spiritual realms and will create for you are completely unique to us, our culture, our values, our roots, and our genetic heritage, as they are based on Sufism.

In this system, you are in a full creative energy with yourself, your self, and you set your goals on choices that will make you happy, not with (future) anxiety or fear (water). The result comes out beautifully, not only for you, but also for the benefit of the whole.


By learning correct breathing techniques, we adapt to physical and spiritual change more easily. While we are easily freed from past emotional burdens with breathing therapy, we can easily get rid of future anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety and similar problems. Breathing therapy practices bring our potential to the highest level by allowing us to feel the feeling of joy and happiness in our hearts.

All negative emotions we have, all without exception, are from the past. If we feel sadness, anger, anger, anxiety or fear about anything today, it is definitely related to an event we experienced in the past, and our ego-based mind creates negative emotions by constantly focusing on the possibility of that event being repeated. Transformational Nefes® descends to the subconscious, which is the source of this situation, and ensures that these emotions that have not been experienced, ignored or expressed in the past are integrated into the system. That’s when real life begins.

No matter how much we talk about the importance of Transformational Breath, it may not be enough. Breathing does not only carry us to real life, but also allows us to receive information codes loaded with oxygen, calms us, helps us discover new ideas or make sense of what is happening, and is essential for a healthy life. The benefits of making breathing a part of our daily life, compiled from various scientific sources, are listed below:

Relieves anxiety, panic and stress: Many of us are constantly living under moderate to low tension and breathing fast and shallowly. Deep and conscious breathing engages your parasympathetic nervous system, and natural relaxation comes in response. Try slower, deeper, and more conscious breathing to reduce your anxiety.

It provides clarity in your mind, makes it easier to focus: Slow and deliberate breathing provides oxygen to the brain. Next time you’re going to make a big decision, try to breathe and exhale slowly, deeply, and deliberately. Feel the clarity that comes with the breath. You will find that you are focusing on the subject in front of you with much clearer and clearer intentions.

It elevates your mood: Ancient Shamanic and Pranayama teachers used to reach higher levels of consciousness through breathing work. By noticing and controlling your breathing throughout the day, you can keep both your morale and mood high by consistently taking deep, slow, and conscious breaths.

It nourishes your healthy cells: The 1931 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Otto Warburg. Warburg discovered that cancerous cells could not survive in high oxygen environments. Don’t wait to get sick for deep breathing. Show your gratitude for your healthy cells by getting plenty of oxygen.

Revitalizes your skin: Deep, slow and conscious breathing accelerates the blood flow to the skin and your skin becomes much more lively, fresh and radiant.

Supports digestion: A comfortable body ensures healthy functioning of organs. We need healthy organ functions to support the systematic activities of our body that we do not manage. It helps to breathe, digest, assimilate, absorb and purify more effectively.

Prevents cravings: Deep, conscious breathing reduces your desire for external substances. The next time you crave sugary foods, sugary or chemical-containing drinks, or cigarettes, take three conscious breaths and ask yourself if you really want the side effects of those things. Feel the power within you.

Regulates blood pressure: Deep, slow and long breaths provide the heart muscle with complete oxygen. This slows your heart rate and stabilizes your blood pressure.

Aids sleep: Deep breaths stimulate the Pineal. The balanced secretion of hormones by the pineal affects our sleep patterns, thus helping you to have a restful, deep and healthy sleep.

Spiritual benefits: Breath has numerous benefits that have not been studied by today’s scientists, but that I have observed in myself and in my work, and that many breathing trainers focus on. Breath is an indispensable tool, especially in dissolving undesirable behavior patterns, releasing negative memories, emotional bonds and beliefs, and interdimensional consciousness journey. Deep breathing opens doors to worlds we don’t know, provides enlightenment, helps us rise, and in short, it makes us HAPPY!


Anyone with or without spirituality is subject to the word meditation very often. Even doctors now recommend meditation and consider it the only way to deal with stress.

Meditation, very simply put, is a way of teaching our minds to think about the right things. Meditation is a journey within us to experience the inner calm of the soul. Meditation enables our inner strength to grow and develop to achieve our goal. Through meditation, we learn to tap into that extraordinary energy within ourselves. We do this with purposeful, strong and focused thoughts. Meditation is an exercise/practice that enables us to calm our mind whenever we want, by nourishing and strengthening our inner peace and calmness.


There are many alternative energy studies that provide healing. All of the energy methods used work and provide healing at certain levels; Although it is discussed or viewed with suspicion by some circles, it is an accepted fact.

In addition to medical treatment, one of the most pronounced healing methods that provides support is known as “bioenergy”. From this point of view, let’s reveal some differences of the Biological Quantum System from the Bioenergy method.

Biological Quantum efficiency is a system in which different scientific disciplines are applied together. Quantum Touch Energy, the amplified form of Life Force energy transmitted by the hands, is only a small part of the Biological Quantum System. In all sessions; In addition to Quantum Touch, the Quantum Biofeedback System includes the cooperation with the conscious and unconscious mind, recognizing the root cause of illness/unhappiness and the underlying emotion, behavioral patterns and perception change, subconscious studies, and basically the working level is Quantum Field.

Biological Quantum System; recognizes that every body naturally has the power and ability to heal itself. It also has the ability to naturally manage and activate this power. However, due to the restrictive patterns, social and cultural beliefs, it is accepted that healing always comes through an external factor. Healing is ignored or even rejected by some. Whereas what is real and natural is “healing and the body can do it”. Due to these beliefs and acceptances, the body’s natural competence and power are blocked, and it is unusable. With Biological Quantum applications, the body is activated by reminding this power and the healing process is started. In our Biological Quantum Trainings given in our center, our practitioners are taught to activate this system, to use the right techniques and methods, to basic principles and principles together with ethical principles. Taking into account the seriousness of the work, Biological Quantum Practitioner Trainings are given in appropriate processes and quality.

The final point reached by the operation of all the systems put forward; It is a holistic, deepest level and most natural healing in our physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and energy bodies, regardless of disease and condition.

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