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Developing Brain Power Beyin Gücünü

Mind Maps

Mind Maps, extracting information from black and white pages; is to transform it into a form enriched with keywords, in a colorful way, with images. In addition, Mind maps have increased productivity by making learning fun, thus providing the birth of brand new ideas. With this training, on the one hand, you will learn the thought maps technique, and on the other hand, you will increase the efficiency in your education life by using this technique.

The method followed from top to bottom while taking notes starts with colored drawings in the middle, completely changing shape in thought maps, keeping the paper horizontal. It also has a game-changing feature by giving freedom and flexibility to your notes. It is a tool for storing brainstorming while organizing information.

Smart Memory Techniques
With the training you will receive as an institution;

By contributing to the Professional & Personal development of your employees, it can help them gain competence in many areas,
Build a strong staff with a professional perspective and an in-house career goal,
You can create a sense of belonging within the organization by making your employees feel that you do not look at them as guests,
It can make your employees feel that they are a part of the whole of their work,
It can accelerate your institutionalization process and ensure continuity,
Provide quality service by creating a systematic operation in your institution,
May have a management approach that will make a difference in the sector,
By succeeding in foreseeing the problems that may arise in your institution, you can take precautions and have a strong staff that can produce solutions.
While the benefit of Corporate Trainings to your institution and your employees may vary according to the organizational structure of the institutions, it will also bring numerous tangible and intangible benefits; It should not be forgotten that;

Your organization will be able to maintain its place in the sector as long as it is a big family with strong ties, professional functioning, and fresh enthusiasm as on the first day…

Speed Reading Techniques with Understanding
Nowadays, it is very important to reach and learn the information we want quickly. With Understanding Speed Reading Techniques, it is aimed to get rid of wrong reading habits that we have been using since primary school. With the new reading habits that will replace them, it will be possible to read faster and with better understanding.

With this training, we aim for the participants to get rid of the reading brakes that cause slow reading, to read quickly by understanding, and to easily apply what they have learned with subliminal learning techniques.


Evaluation of your current reading habit
Goal setting (What would you like to have changed as a result of this seminar?)
Speed Reading Techniques
What are read brakes?
How do we escape?
Tips for practical reading
80/20 rule and quick understanding
Reading, Eye and Brain Relationship
Reading to rhythmic music
reading with the right brain
Exercises to Improve Our Hardware
Preparing the mind for reading and concentration
proficiency in understanding
Using NLP techniques
Guidelines for daily practice
Recognizing subconscious behavior
Leveraging your memory
Reading with high motivation and concentration
Evaluation of reading development

Training notes, Speed Reading Techniques book and Speed Reading Training CD are included in the price.

A certificate of participation will be given at the end of the training.

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