Institutionalism is a structure that is constantly said, but we are late in taking this move. In the global world, trade is not so easy anymore, it is not so easy anymore in a classic shop, a workshop mentality and in a period when technology is so integrated into our lives, our company also needs change and renewal. In a market where there is so much change We can talk about 3 important agenda items of companies.

The problem of predictability posed by rapid change
Pressure from fierce competition
Lack of customers due to the wide variety of products and low demand,

Based on these agenda items, our company needs a strong and qualified organization to overcome these problems. With this organizational structure, we can better see the change in the market and take quick action,

Constantly renewing itself and keeping up with change,

Understanding and responding to customer needs and demands better,

Determining competitive conditions with a systematic structure,

And by acting in a planned and programmed way for the future, it will ensure that the company has a longer life and always maintains its presence in the market.

The most important managerial problems of companies being slow in the face of this change are,

1- Lack of institutionalization
2- Inadequacy and lack of professionalism in management
3- Communication problem
4- Incompatibility between partners
5- Lack of balance of authority and responsibility
6- The partnership constitution has not been enacted.
7- Patronage issue
8- Not giving enough importance to human resources
9- Inadequate systematic infrastructure such as procedures, regulations, workflow
10-Coming from the core of the job and not being able to give up old habits

Solving these managerial problems will enable companies to become branding, institutionalized, more profitable businesses and will create a new management approach.

Institutionalization; It is the creation of a management and organizational structure that enables an organization to continue and develop its activities without being dependent on the presence of certain people (managers and employees).

Benefits of Institutionalization: The organization works more regularly and systematically. Increases competitiveness. Controlling becomes easier. The error rate is reduced. It becomes easier for the organization to achieve its goals. Powers and responsibilities are clear. Decisions are made easier. Different perspectives emerge. Budget and business plans are more open. Jobs are carried out by those who are competent. Employers and managers find time for their own work and organizational efficiency increases.


Sales is a must for all businesses, whether it is the service sector or the manufacturing sector, the aim is to increase profitability by selling the service or product. In order to do this, a strong, dynamic and effective sales management is needed.

In institutionalization, the sales unit needs to be professionalized. For this, either a program should be applied to increase the qualifications of the existing structure or a re-qualified sales organization should be created, in this way an institutional step will be taken.

For the effectiveness of sales, it is necessary to increase the profitability of the business by delivering the product to the customer at the right time, at the right place and at the right price, in line with the marketing analysis. A dynamic and effective sales organization has an important place in the establishment of the brand and brand image in the establishment of the competitive power of the enterprises in institutionalization, because the sales team in the enterprises consists of the first contacts with the customer, reflecting the corporate image in the face of the customer.

Sales organizations that are not structured correctly and that act with day-to-day strategies cannot survive due to the increase in competitive conditions, and they are faced with a period of time until the closure of the enterprises after a certain period of time. In order to eliminate these negativities, increase the profitability of the business and walk confidently into the future, well-structured strong sales organizations should be created.

It is a structure that can be realized in the short term where a concrete result can be seen in institutionalization. This structure is the sales organization unit, which should be strengthened locally in the first stage of institutionalization, as this structure improves the qualifications of the sales team professionally, increases competitiveness and provides added value to the business economically.


Establishing a qualified sales team or increasing the qualifications of the existing team,
Creating detailed sales target plans,
Implementing training programs for the sales team every year,
Establishing a coaching system in the sales team,
Increasing sales activities (fair, organization, promotion, etc.)
Implementation of the performance management system,
such as the creation of an annual premium plan,

By taking steps, professionalization of the sales unit and team is ensured and an institutional gain is achieved.

In businesses where the sales focus is important, strategic sales management is provided by making customer-based analyzes in creating the right sales targets.

If we look at an example sales analysis, we can segment the customers in the customer pyramid with a very simple logic and determine the marketing investment and profitability correctly.

In sales, 20% of our customers provide 80% of the sales, and 80% of our customers provide 20% of the sales. Correct analysis, correct segmentation increases operating profitability.